The Most Popular Plastic Surgeries in 2023 – Top 5 Picks

More people throughout the United States have become concerned about their appearance, resulting in a growing number of plastic surgery consultations every year. The rise continues into 2023, but the demands differ from previous years.

If you’re considering plastic surgery, you can speak to Dr. Baumholtz to discuss the appearance you seek. Otherwise, find out what plastic surgeries are breaking ground in 2023.

What’s Trending for Plastic Surgery in 2023?

Plastic surgery, in general, has become a popular choice for those wanting to achieve a specific appearance or correct body asymmetry caused by particular conditions. While plenty of surgeries are rising in trends, a few stand out as preferred choices to gain a desired aesthetic.

First, let’s review the focus areas in trending plastic surgery for 2023.


The body is arguably the most significant area of concern for many in 2023, considering the after-effects of the pandemic. More people have gained weight and slacked in exercise and diet, thus contributing to an undesired appearance.

Body contouring procedures, such as liposuctions and tummy tucks will be at the forefront of plastic surgery consultations.


Technologies and surgical options continue to advance for this wildly popular plastic surgery. Advances mean more flexibility and customizability in the procedure, helping more people obtain the precise size and shape they want for their breasts.

Surgeons can now offer more options with high success rates, meaning breast surgeries will be more prevalent in 2023.


The face is the first thing anyone will notice, and it’s why facial cosmetic surgery remains popular in 2023. The rise of quicker, non-invasive procedures means more people will seek consultations to remove wrinkles, tighten skin, and get more of a glow in their faces.

So now, let’s get into specifics. What plastic surgeries will be more popular this year?

Here Are the Most Popular Picks for Plastic Surgery in 2023

So what’s the buzz in plastic surgery for the coming year? Discover five procedures that will be clear-cut popular plastic surgery choices in 2023.

1. Tummy Tuck

It’s well known that the pandemic was tough on us all, and we all tended to eat and drink a little more with less exercise. Weight was gained during the past couple of years, but we’re still working hard to shed it off in 2023.

Diet and exercise have helped us a lot, but we’re still left with that little bit of excess skin and weaker underlying muscles. That’s why the tummy tuck will be a prevalent choice for plastic surgery this year as we strive to return to our pre-pandemic form.

2. Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation has regularly been featured as the most popular choice of plastic surgery throughout the United States. Nothing much has changed in 2023. The surgery helps make breasts more symmetrical and aesthetically fitting after surgeries, weight loss, pregnancies, and other reasons.

The surgeries are well documented as bringing confidence back to the receiving party and significantly improving their appearance. There’s no sign of the surgery’s popularity declining as we head into the year.

3. Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is another popular plastic surgery as it is one of the facial features believed to be most noticed about somebody. The last couple of years have seen a significant rise in the surgery, and there’s no reason to suggest that trend won’t continue.

This nose-shaping surgery is essential to achieve the facial symmetry and overall appearance desired by the recipient. When people are concerned about their facial aesthetics, rhinoplasty will continue to be popular.

4. Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeovers” are fast becoming popular throughout the United States and are a relatively new trend on the list of popular surgery choices. The procedure constitutes multiple surgeries in a single time frame, including breast augmentation/reduction, face lifts, butt lift, skin tightening, and more.

The rising trend of mommy makeovers will continue into 2023, as it’s a procedure that addresses multiple concerns in less time. It gives you a new look and restores confidence without scheduling numerous surgeries and long recovery times.

5. Gynecomastia

Plastic surgery options for men have been skyrocketing in popularity in recent years, and one procedure sure to remain enticing is gynecomastia. The surgery reduces breast tissues in males to give a smoother, more aesthetically-pleasing chest.

More men seek surgical options to remain looking young and fit as they age, which is why gynecomastia will increase in popularity in 2023.

Has one of these popular plastic surgeries struck a chord with you? Are you considering a procedure this year?

Are You Considering One of These Popular Plastic Surgeries in 2023?

Suppose you’re pondering plastic surgery, either one of these popular options or another. In that case, you won’t find a more trusted surgeon than Dr. Baumholtz. Schedule a consultation in his clinic and learn about your options to achieve the look and feel you desire to thrive in 2023. 

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