Cosmetic Surgery Procedure Pricing

How much is cosmetic surgery? If, for instance, you search for “tummy tuck cost,” you’ll have a hard time finding the price. Looking for pricing has never been easier, we have provided a list of prices and financing options below for cosmetic surgery and other cosmetic procedures including breast augmentations, rhinoplasty, face lifts, BOTOX® and more.

*Costs for our most popular cosmetic procedures (price will include the accredited facility, anesthesia, surgeon, implants (if applicable), and post operative care). Your actual price may vary based on your particular needs
Surgery Duration Work Downtime Gym Downtime Price Range
Silicone Breast Augmentation 1 hour ~ 1 week 6 weeks From $7,000
Saline Breast Augmentation 1 hour ~ 1 week 6 weeks From $6,000
Augmentation Mastopexy
(Breast Lift with Silicone Implant)
2.5-3.5 hours ~ 1 week 6 weeks From $12,000
Tummy Tuck and Back Liposuction 3-4 hours ~ 1 week 12 weeks From $15,000
Body Lift and Overnight Stay in Hospital 5-6 hours ~ 1 week 12 weeks From $23,000
Facelift and Overnight Stay in Hospital 5 hours ~ 1 week 3-6 weeks From $15,000
Rhinoplasty 2-4 hours ~ 1 week 6-12 weeks From $11,000
Chin Implant 1 hour 2-3 days 3 weeks From $6,300
(Ear Surgery)
2-3 hours ~ 1 week 3-6 weeks From $7,500
Arm Lift
3 hours ~ 1-2 weeks 6 weeks From $11,000
Thigh Liposuction 1-2 hours 2-3 days 2-3 weeks From $7,000
Thigh Lift 2.5-3.5 hours ~ 1-2 weeks 3-6 weeks From $12,000
Backside Body Lift 2 hours 60 days 6 weeks From $8,000
Brazilian Butt Lift 3 hours ~ 1-2 week 6-12 weeks From $12,500
live love BOTOX repeat

Payment of Balance

Payment Options

We accept cash or credit credits. Cashier checks or personal checks are accepted 14 days prior to your surgery date. Credit options include Debit Card, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. We also work with third-party patient financing plans for which you must apply ahead of time.

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Optional Financing Plans

To apply for financing, we provide these options:

  • CareCredit®: We offer our patients the option to secure financing through CareCredit. The CareCredit card is just as easy to use as a regular credit card and is North America’s leading healthcare payment program. Apply for financing with CareCredit using the company’s online form.
  • ALPHAEON™ CREDIT:  Alphaeon™ provides payment options to help you be your best you! Currently, Dr. Baumholtz is offering a six-month 0% interest plan as well as a set monthly payment plan. Apply today at
  • PatientFi: Designed by the nation’s leading plastic surgeons, PatientFi allows you to pay for your treatment through flexible monthly payment plans, customized to fit your budget.  Checking your rate won’t hurt your credit score. Find out your monthly payment today! 
*All discounts, incentives or promotions cannot be applied when financing any portion of the surgical balance.

Financing Click below to begin your application.

Insurance Coverage

*Most aesthetic surgery procedures are considered elective and are not covered by insurance.

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Once services are rendered or products sold, there are no refunds. Surgery and nonsurgical procedures come with no warranty (guaranteed or implied) of any certain result. Perceived lack of improvement in one’s condition does not translate into or equal any type of refund.

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