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Look Your Best, Feel Your Best: Cosmetic Surgery in San Antonio

Cosmetic surgery is about more than improving your physical appearance. It’s also about improving the way you think about yourself, helping you feel more confident, more content and more “in tune” with your self image. And it’s also about putting your best foot forward at work, at home and in your social life. In fact, studies show people who have cosmetic surgery for personal enhancement are often viewed as being healthier, more successful and, yes, happier.

Superior Results – Based on Your Unique Goals

Cosmetic surgery is a uniquely personal experience, with goals, approaches and outcomes that depend on the individual patient. As a top-ranked plastic surgery practice in San Antonio, Baumholtz Plastic Surgery knows there’s no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” approach to cosmetic surgery. Dr. Baumholtz works closely with every patient, from the initial consultation through recovery, to design custom treatment plans aimed at achieving optimal results for both men and women. The practice offers a full complement of plastic surgery procedures, including breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck, brazilian butt lift as well as procedures of the face like rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty and face lift. In addition to his experience and expertise in cosmetic procedures and enhancements, Dr. Baumholtz also is skilled in reconstructive surgery to correct congenital defects as well as issues associated with traumatic injuries. At his San Antonio plastic surgery practice, he offers all his patients the most advanced techniques for predictable, reliable outcomes so they can feel confident in their care every step of the way.

For Men Too

At Baumholtz Plastic Surgery, we know that while many cosmetic surgeons in San Antonio focus primarily on women, men want to look and feel their best too. Dr. Baumholtz has extensive experience in treating male patients, using approaches developed specifically to address the unique needs of men. From facial procedures to male breast reduction, Dr. Baumholtz is recognized as a top provider of male cosmetic procedures and reconstructive surgical procedures aimed at helping men achieve their own unique goals.

Michael Baumholtz, MD, FACS: San Antonio’s Leading Cosmetic Surgeon

As a top provider of plastic surgery in San Antonio, Dr. Baumholtz is skilled in helping patients define their goals and achieve them, using state-of-the-art techniques and technology combined with an artistic sense developed during his 17+ years as a practitioner and an educator in cosmetic surgery. Take the first step toward achieving your unique goals. Call Baumholtz Plastic Surgery at 210-920-2390 and schedule your office consultation today.

Dr. Baumholtz

Dr. Micahael Baumhaultz, M.D. San Antonio Plastic Surgeon


Dr. Michael Baumholtz is a Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon whose expertise encompasses a wide variety of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.  Affectionately known as Dr. B, he prides himself on the relationships he builds and maintains with each of his patients.  Dr. B believes in helping his patients look and feel better about themselves.

Dr B.


Love the Skin Your In



I’ve had two breast augmentations done by Dr. Baumholtz and I’ve never been so pleased! I ruptured one of my implants on thanksgiving day and Dr. B and his staff were amazing at accommodating me even on Thanksgiving. They brought me in as soon as possible and was in surgery the next day. I wouldn’t recommend anyone other than Dr. B! I’m so thankful to have such a wonderful plastic surgeon!

Kristina Prewit



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