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Spider Vein Removal With Asclera Injections

Spider Vein Removal 

Spider Vein Removal With Asclera Injections,

Asclera Injections Before and After Photos

There are over 30 million Americans suffering from spider veins. Fortunately, you don’t need to feel conscious about showing off your legs anymore with Asclera. This spider vein removing treatment is FDA-approved for being used in sclerotherapy. Your healthcare provider will administer the procedure in-office for treating the following types of veins in the legs:

  1. Small varicose veins or uncomplicated spider veins that are less than 1mm in diameter
  2. Reticular veins or uncomplicated spider veins that are 1 – 3mm in diameter

Pre-treatment Consultation

Pre-operative consultation is an integral component of the spider vein treatment procedure. Strong foundations are created by good consultation. Patients will understand procedural steps better during the pre-operative consultation. You can also get an in-depth insight in the treatment provider’s background.

The healthcare provider will try and establish whether you are an ideal candidate for the injections during the pre-operative procedure. Few treatment providers also show before and after pictures of Asclera injection therapy. These images are shown to help new patients develop reasonable expectations.

In addition, new patients may also request for testimonials of former patients for understanding the procedure better.

Procedure Plan

The vein specialist will examine your spider veins during the pre-treatment consultation. They will assess your personal aesthetic requirements and goals. An individual treatment plan will be developed by the treatment provider based on the evaluation. Generally, treatment plans include only sclerotherapy. However, a combination of procedures may be recommended in severe cases.

Your vein treatment provider will assess all your medical records to see if you have a history of any vascular concerns. The treatment provider will recommend a suitable plan based on your medical and personal information obtained during the initial consultation.

Asclera Injectable Administration

Asclera injection sclerotherapy for the removal of spider veins can be performed using three techniques:

  • Liquid sclerotherapy
  • Foam sclerotherapy
  • Ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy

Other advanced procedures may be recommended in combination with Asclera injections. This includes endovenous laser treatment and ambulatory phlebectomy. Liquid sclerotherapy may be recommended if the spider veins are tiny.

The vein specialist will inject a medication solution in the problematic veins directly using tiny needles. It is usually not a problem to find and treat the veins since they are easily visible on the skin.

Foal sclerotherapy is particularly effective in patients that have varicose veins and spider veins. A specialized foamy solution is injected directly into the veins. Larger sized veins can also be treated and removed using the procedure. Ultrasound guided sclerotherapy is recommended for veins that are embedded underneath the surface of the skin.


Healing of bruises may be expedited by the treatment provider by using a special cream or gel. You may be asked to apply an ice pack for the first 1 to 2 days.

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irma gamboa
irma gamboa
My tummy tuck journey began about 3 1/2 months ago when I had my 1st office visit with Dr. Baumholtz. Dr. Baumholtz listened to what I wanted had done, he gave me his professional opinion and his recommendations and said “yes we can do it”, never pressured me to move forward with procedure, he told me when your ready you let me know. Dr. Baumholtz is an amazing Plastic Surgeon. I’m exactly 10 weeks post op - tummy tuck today, 3/18/22, I could not had asked for more, my results are amazing and could not be any happier. Dr. Baumholtz and his staff to date have gone above and beyond with my after care, they are always their for you and you are not left alone. Renee works with Dr. Baumholtz, she is very knowledgeable and always has an answer for you. Also, where I had my surgery was at emerge plastic surgery specialty center, awesome nurses and staff, always very attentive to me before and after surgery, facility was amazing. Thank you Dr. Baumholtz, you are awesome and thank for all you have done for me, I feel like I’m on top of the world. Anyone trying to get any plastic surgery procedure, go see Dr. Baumholtz, He WILL take care of you, he is awesome. 10 weeks ago today, 3/18/22, I’m amazed and beyond thankful, I’m just so happy with my tummy tuck.
Krystal Ausmus
Krystal Ausmus
The entire staff is amazing and everyone at the surgical center is attentive, kind, and very professional. Such a great experience!
Merlinda Valdez
Merlinda Valdez
There are so many reasons why I am extremely happy with Dr. B's work; one word keeps popping up is AMAZING. Dr. B performed a breast reduction and it's been several years that I have not felt this AMAZING physically and mentally. Dr. B thank you and your staff (especially Renee) for providing the most AMAZING service with honesty, availability, and making me feel safe. I would recommend all day everyday. TOP NOTCH SERVICE.
Kriezl Gutierrez
Kriezl Gutierrez
Dr. B and his team made my experience very comfortable. I was well informed even with my own research and they are available to you pretty much 24/7. Anytime I had a question , I was able to get an answer within the same day. I’m very happy and pleased with my results!
Valerie Zamora
Valerie Zamora
Super happy with my results! Doc was super nice & loved the 3D imaging to see what my possible results could be! 10/10
veronica duran
veronica duran
I couldn’t be any happier with my results!! The entire process was such an amazing & positive experience and one I will never forget. I was treated like a person rather than a number. Everyone, from the staff at Dr. Baumholtz’s office to the staff at the surgical center were so comforting and reassuring. Renee and Katherine at the office have been more than great, and the surgical center staff were so professional and caring. All my questions & concerns were addressed and I felt like part of a family. Thank you to all who were involved on my journey!!
Emma Cantu
Emma Cantu
Mommy Make-Over. Tummy Tuck/Breast Lift Best Plastic Surgeon! Dr. Baumholtz is highly regarded as an excellent surgeon among his peers in the medical community. Every expectation of my procedure was met and exceeded. After meeting different surgeons , I chose Dr. Baumholtz because he was the MOST honest about managing my expectations, and of course because of the fact that he is a highly skilled board certified surgeon! Trust your surgeon - Thank you Dr. Baumholtz and staff !
Lisa Rivera
Lisa Rivera
Dr.B is amazing. He will answer any questions you have, he will not pressure you to make a decision your not ready to make. Going to Dr B was the best decision I made! My results are beyond what I ever imagined! Dr B has the best bedside manner! I was nervous about my breast augmentation but he put me at ease and made me feel comfortable! I would recommend him to anyone! (Which I already have) Staff is also very professional and friendly! I love Dr B and his staff!